Mike Lindell is now being targeted by the Democratic National Committee for “opposition research,” according to The Hill.

They say it’s because Mike might be a 2024 presidential candidate.

Or is it because Mike Lindell has been so instrumental in uncovering what happened in the 2020 election?

This is just the latest effort to stop Mike and his business. Leftists have targeted retail chains that sold MyPillow.com products. Kohls and Bed, Bath and Beyond removed his products. Mike said he lost millions in sales.

If you want to support Mike and his efforts, go to MyPillow.com and use this code: “TGP.” Put that in the “promo code” box when you place your order at MyPillow.com and Mike, you and Gateway Pundit will benefit from the purchase.

You’ll get up to 66% off by using code “TGP.”

Mike and his hundreds of American workers will benefit, too.

Show Leftists they can’t cancel Mike!

Put “TGP” in the “promo code” box at MyPillow.com.

You may not know that MyPillow.com has much more than pillows.

There are also adjustable bases for your bed:

MyPillow’s adjustable base has:

Full Body Adjustability

A Wireless Remote, Underbed LED Lights and Dual USB Charging Ports

Massage Features

Ultra-Quiet Drive Motors

Convenient Shipping – Delivered by FedEx right to your door!

***Enter code TGP at checkout for 30% off MyPillow’s adjustable base***

Here’s what customers have said about MyPillow’s adjustable base:

– “We are in our 70’s and were a bit concerned about installing the beds. No problem! Bed frames come folded in half which we unfolded flat on the floor. Following directions, removed the neatly packed electrical bag, then leg bags, mattress slip guard, and unwrapped the voice wand. We plugged in the battery pack, installed the legs, flip evenly to the right side, put on the mattress, put batteries in the remote and it worked great as everything is pre-programmed!”

– “Love the massage and the adjustability. The remote with the light is really helpful. And the the customizable leg height makes all the difference in being able to get up. Thanks so much.”

***Enter code TGP at checkout for 30% off MyPillow’s adjustable base***

If you see anything else you like at MyPillow.com, use code TGP at checkout, and you’ll get up to 66% off. When you use that code, you’ll be supporting Gateway Pundit and Mike Lindell.

Thank you for supporting Gateway Pundit and Mike Lindell!

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