For weeks Democrats failed to shut down the forensic audit process in Arizona.

The audit started on April 23. A judge on April 28 rejected the attempt by Democrats to halt the process.

So on Thursday, several national lawfare groups went to the Biden Department of Justice to request the Biden administration shut down the audit in Arizona.

They want the Biden administration to shut down the audit of the Arizona 2020 election.

Democrats fear the truth like cockroaches fear the light.

If the Biden administration is able to do this we will all know there is NO LAW AND ORDER in America today.

The Conservative Treehouse reported on this development last Thursday.

So far Democrats have been unsuccessful in shutting down the forensic audit in Arizona.

It “appears” that the forensic audit is safe to continue.

But, is it really? In November 2020 Democrats changes laws, snuck in late ballots, locked out Republican observers, kept counting new ballots until they put Joe Biden in the lead and then lashed out at ANYONE who challenged the fraudulent and criminal process.

Do we really believe the same people who stole a landslide election from President Trump would hesitate to shut down the forensic audit in Arizona?

So far the Arizona GOP leader Dr. Kelli Ward and the Audit Director Ken Bennett have performed flawlessly in this Arizona audit.

If the Biden DOJ is able to shut down the process and take all of the results before the public has a chance to view the results it would be an alarming defeat for voters in Arizona and freedom in the United States.

But do these Biden officials really care what you think? They didn’t care in November or January. Why would they give a damn what you think now?

Be prepared for the Biden administration to strike soon.

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