Adam Schiff was knee-deep in the Trump Russia collusion sham.  He was involved way back in July 2020.  John Durham just confirmed it. 

John Durham released some documents yesterday related to the Trump – Russia collusion sham created by the Hillary Clinton gang.  We reported on this earlier.

Techno Fog: Durham’s Latest: He Has Hundreds of Emails Between Fusion GPS and Reporters, Including Efforts to Frame Carter Page

There is much in this latest release but one item, in particular, is that Adam Schiff was involved in this lie from the beginning.  Redstate reports:

Durham also derides the claim that Fusion was hired for legal work — calling that a “novel” way to cover up opposition research and the derogatory information that they then spread against President Donald Trump and his team. He says that despite efforts, the parties have failed to provide “meaningful, substantive explanations to support these continuing broad assertions of privilege and/or work product protections.”

A number of emails have been released in Durham’s latest.  One email showed that pencil-neck Adam Schiff was involved in the Russia collusion lie as early as July 2016.

Hey ⁦⁦@AdamSchiff⁩ – why does Fusion GPS seem to think you have information on Carter Page in July 2016?

How many communications did you exchange with Fusion GPS personnel during 2016-17?

— UndeadFOIA (@UndeadFoia) April 26, 2022

Schiff later released a report on Russia collusion that was all lies.  He received no penalties for doing so.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff’s FISA Abuse Report Now Totally Debunked – Will He Suffer Any Consequences Other Than Being Known as the Biggest Liar in Congress?

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