Finally, an excellent tool to make clear the language of social justice–

Oregon scholars Dr. Bruce Gilley and Dr. Peter Boghossian discuss the new graphic tool that reveals the truth behind social justice rhetoric.

The vanguard of academic Free Speech, Professors Bruce Gilley, Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay, have published a handy guide »Responding to Social Justice Rhetoric«:

When they say “Cultural Competence“, what they mean is: Cultural stereotyping, which is neo-racist indoctrination in Critical Race Theory, and an ineffective method with no basis is scientific evidence.

When they say “Environmental Justice“, what they mean is: Environmental issues are race issues, which is using environmental protection for unrelated political puposes, and an ineffective way to protect the environment.

When they say “Decolonization“, what they mean is: Removing European influence, which is an attempt to deligitimize the US as a “colonial project”, and replacing the universal equality of the European tradition with illiberal non-European “traditions”.

When they say “Systemic Racism“, what they mean is: Differences are always due to systems, which is an attribution of group differences to vague “systems” imposed by others, and an attempt to “dismantle” freedoms and to forcibly redistribute public an private goods.

When they say “Critical Race Theory“, what they mean is: Race-centered thinking, which is the view that racism is baked into the system and inescapable, that racism is present even if no one is racist,, and the view that all disparities in group outcomes are due to racist systems.

When they say “Equity“, what they mean is: Equality of Outcomes, which is a violation of equality before the law, a dismantling of the foundations of a free society, and state management of society, including reparations.

When they say “Social Justice“, what they mean is: Group entitlements, which is a denial of social and cultural differences, of just rewards to individuals who follow the law and act fairly, and the reframing of particular political demands as universal moral imperatives.

When they say “Diversity“, what they mean is: An identity-based approach to society, which is a violation of individual identity, enforced political conformity, political quotas, an attack on merit and a form of soft bigotry.

When they say “White Privilige / Supremacy“, what they mean is: European moral culpability, which is racist scapegoating, especially against economically disadvantaged Europeans, neo-racist scapegoating reborn as “progressive” group stereotyping.

When they say “BIPOC Folx“, what they mean is: Non-European people, which is used for neo-racist policies and stereotypes, racism reborn as “progressive”.

When they say “Racial Justice“, what they mean is: Racial Favoritism, which is using anti-discrimination laws for unrelated political purposes, a violation of equality before the law, and neo-racist group stereotyping.

When they say “Inclusion“, what they mean is: Restricted speech and justification for purges, which is making people feel “welcomed” by banning anything they find offensive; an attack on freedoms of association and speech.

Here is the video.

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