There is evidence of ‘tradecraft’  in yesterday’s ‘rally’ in Chicago by a Patriot group. 

We noted Federal agents at a rally in Washington DC this summer.  Some shared that there were more Feds there than participants.

In Case You Were Wondering – It’s Almost Certain Now that Those Were Federal Agents Planted at the “Justice for J6” Rally

On December 5th we reported on a bizarre march in Washington DC where those who participated were carted away in UHaul trucks.  They too looked like Feds.

FEDS ON PARADE: Dozens of Uhaul Trucks Picked Up Mysterious Patriot Protesters after Creepy March in DC — Another Democrat Stunt?

Yesterday we reported on an incident in Chicago where a number of individuals were seen marching and then scrambling into cars.  These individuals looked like the Feds who marched in Washington a month prior.

Feds on Parade: The Mysterious Khaki-Clad Federal Patriot Front Is Back — This Time They’re Protesting in Chicago

Today we have evidence that the marchers in Chicago were Feds.

For one, the group uses propaganda designed in a similar fashion.  It’s clear that its target audience is good Americans who don’t want to see this country go to communism.  These are the people this government believes are domestic terrorists.  Biden’s sick America is targeting anyone who stands up and calls their illegal acts illegal (i.e. like stealing the election).

This group in Chicago yesterday all dressed the same again, like the Feds at the last event in DC.

In addition, the vehicles the individuals drove away in all had tape on their plates, which is a crime.

Also, the Feds yesterday did not look like a group gathered together for a cause.  For example, the Feds yesterday were all about the same size and in good shape, like someone who would have to pass a fitness requirement to become a member.

The group yesterday also had no clear leader, which is really odd.  Their shields and signs are also professionally done.

This appears to be another set up by the Federal government.   What a corrupt bunch we have running Biden’s government in DC.

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