The Kyle Rittenhouse case is much more than a trial about a shooting and whether it was in self-defense or not.  The trial is about the ability of a gun owner to use a weapon in self-defense or not.  

TGP interviewed local warlord TJ Kirgin and his buddy, Alex Milberg, on Veterans Day 2021.  TJ runs the radio show ‘Shots Fired’ on RealTalk93.3 every Saturday from 11 to 12 noon.  TJ and his guests dive deep weekly into current events surrounding gun ownership, personal and home defense, gun safety, training, shooting sports, and constitutional law at the state and federal level as it pertains to gun rights provided under the 2nd Amendment.

TJ’s show’s motto is “carry every day, carry everywhere”.  It is your right to be armed and capable of defending your family. However it is your responsibility to do it responsibly, and TJ and friends will help you do both.

TJ and Alex were asked about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial currently going on in Wisconsin.  Both TJ and Alex have been watching the trial every day.  They shared with TGP:

It’s not a Supreme Court trial yet, however, it is in our opininion [the Kyle Rittenhouse case] a landmark case of “can you defend yourself in this country?”.  It’s a landmark stand your ground case.  It’s a landmark self-defense case, in general.  And what we’re seeing with the trial itself is really political persecution of a gun owner, or of gun owners in general, and basically using this case and Kyle is the whipping boy to make all of you gun owners out there, legal gun owners in America, scared to defend yourself with a gun.  Because, what’s happening to Kyle when he was obviously defending himself, that that could happen to you.

See the whole interview below:

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