By Lawrence Sellin and Anna Chen

It was all part of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) biowarfare plan against the United States.

The design of COVID-19 was based on a number of bioweapon features, in particular, highly contagious, low lethality, and a high rate of asymptomatic transmission.

Another important feature of a PLA bioweapon, not mentioned on that list, is disguising its origin.

That is, the capability of avoiding responsibility for a biowarfare attack by designing a virus that could be blamed on a natural outbreak.

Changjun Wang, a high ranking officer in the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command headquartered in Nanjing, was responsible for the isolation of the bat coronaviruses ZC45 and ZXC21, claimed by Chinese whistleblower Dr. Li-meng Yan to be the backbones for the creation of COVID-19.

When Major General Chen Wei, presumed head of China’s biowarfare program, took control of the “clean up” operation in Wuhan after local authorities lost control of the COVID-19 outbreak, Changjun Wang was part of her team, even though he was from the PLA Eastern Theater Command and outside of the PLA Central Theater Command, which had jurisdiction over Wuhan.

In September 2020, Changjun Wang was awarded the “National Medal and Honor” for his role connected to COVID-19 by Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping.

Changjun Wang was not only interested in bat coronaviruses that could infect humans, but how viral respiratory infections spread, especially by individuals not showing symptoms of the disease, that is, asymptomatically.

Changjun Wang extensively studied adenovirus respiratory infections among PLA soldiers and, in 2016, created epidemiological models, including how such viral respiratory infections could spread from China to the United States.

Except for the Chinese Communist Party and its sympathizers, everyone should now be convinced that the COVID-19 virus was made in a laboratory and was part of the People’s Liberation Army’s biowarfare program.

(hat tip to COVID-19 detective @neophighter whose research contributed to this article)

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired from an international career in business and medical research with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. His email address is

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