Conservative Jack Posobiec was temporarily suspended from Twitter today after he shared links to buy T-shirts and stickers emblazoned with a Disney logo reading “Boycott Groomers.”

This was too much for Twitter leftists. Evidently the slogan “boycott groomers” is against company policy or something?

Jack is one of the remaining Twitter users who continues to make a difference in the political landscape and drive narrative. Jack Posobiec has over one million followers.

We reached out to Jack and he provided the following comment calling the suspension retaliation for his reporting:

“Elon Musk recently commented that corporations dictate policy on Twitter through ad dollars, so it comes as no surprise Twitter will censor you for criticizing one of the largest media companies in the world. This is clear retaliation for me leaking the internal employee forums at Disney showing many of their workers support the Florida anti-grooming bill.”

Jack Posobiec is the latest in a long list of conservatives who have been censored, blacklisted, shadow-banned and banned by Twitter.

Twitter will eventually ban his account if he does not conform.

President Trump, The Gateway Pundit, James O’Keefe, Alex Jones, ALX, Carpe Donktum, Laura Loomer, Owen Shroyer, Joe Hoft, and thousands of other conservatives have already been banned or silenced on the platform.

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