MSNBC appears to have stealth edited a crazy rant from Joy Reid in which she spouted a bizarre conspiracy theory and defended Antifa — saying that they “don’t really show up anywhere.”

“They’re just anti-fascists, they don’t really show up anywhere,” Reid asserts in the original airing of the segment while complaining about how Republicans are painting them as “basically the devil.”

The portion of the discussion is mysteriously not included in the segment that MSNBC uploaded online, but has been obtained by the Gateway Pundit. The time stamp was also removed from the bottom right corner of the screen of their upload, possibly to cover up the edit. It is present in the original clip.

In the original version, Reid is discussing her bizarre conspiracy theory that Capitol protesters believed they would be fighting Antifa and Black Lives Matter so that President Donald Trump could impose the Insurrection Act and remain in office.


In the version of the panel that MSNBC uploaded to YouTube, with the title “How Republicans Are Attempting To Rewrite History Of January 6 Insurrection,” the entire rant is missing.

To learn more about Antifa and why Reid is clearly wrong, check out Jack Posobiec’s new book The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc.

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