On Saturday we first reported on a flight of illegals that landed in Pennsylvania.  We now have information on the several trips this same plane has flown and it is frightening. 

Here is the post we reported on Saturday about a plane full of illegal immigrants that recently landed in Allentown, PA.

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: While Americans Slept Thursday Night “World Atlantic” Flight 695 Transported a Full Flight of Illegal Immigrants from El Paso to Allentown, PA

Yesterday we reported how Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf claimed the flights of illegal immigrants into his state only carried children who were transported through the state.  We have evidence that this is not true.

In Response to Illegals Arriving in PA Airports, Governor Wolf Sidesteps Claims and Says “Children Passed Through”

On Sunday we reported that the PA Democrat Governor was totally wrong and dishonest.  One flight that landed in PA this past month carried an individual who is potentially very dangerous (an individual wanted for murder in Mexico).

PA Governor Wolf Is Not Honest – Huge Number of Planes Coming Into PA Carrying Mostly Illegal Adults – Not Children

Today we can report that N806WA is one of at least seven planes that is part of the World Atlantic fleet.  This plane has a name painted on it that differs from that on the plane (Mandy vs Jackie).

Here is a list of flights taken by N806WA since May 2021.  In addition, is a list at the end of only those N806WA flights in and out of El Paso, Texas.  Note the numerous flights to Pennsylvania and other states as well as flights to Cuba, Haiti, and other countries.

N806WA Flight Schedule by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here’s a composite on the plane.

How many more airplanes are being chartered to deliver illegal aliens across the US?  Who is managing this?  Why does ICE say it’s not them?  Shouldn’t they know about this?  What is going on?

Governor Wolf is not an honest person.  He has proven this over and over and over.  There are numerous flights in and out of Pennsylvania related to illegal immigrants and he certainly should know it and it’s doubtful that he doesn’t.

The post EXCLUSIVE: N806WA’s Flight Schedule Show Hundreds of Flights from the Southern Border to US and Foreign Cities – How Many Planes Like N806WA Are There? appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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