Guest post by Roger Stone

The Daily Beast has based their usual smear attempt on alleged text messages which are out of order, incomplete, edited, truncated, and out of context. I made no effort whatsoever to secure a pardon for Mr. Greenberg and I took not a dime from him or anyone else seeking a pardon. I have seen no substantiation or actual proof of any of the wild accusations he has made against Congressman Gaetz. Desperate men often tell lies in an effort to implicate others in their own crimes in an effort to lessen the penalties against themselves.

Just last week we saw the political weaponization of the US Justice Department under Joe Biden when the DOJ filed a civil suit against me for interest and penalties on taxes that I owed from 2007 and 2008 which I had paid down on a monthly basis for over three years. When will they be called suing Hunter Biden for his failure to pay taxes on the millions that he took in from Ukraine and China? Our two-tiered Justice system is so obvious

Now Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been subjected to the same kind of pre-dawn Gestapo style raid on his home and office that I was subjected to in 2019. Giuliani had volunteered to supply all of his electronic devices and records to the FBI but they declined because it would not create the drama their allies in the fake news are so anxious to exploit. Their failure to seize the records from Hunter Biden’s laptop tells you everything you need to know about the current corruption of the Biden Justice Department.

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