Christina Bobb joined Joe Hoft yesterday on the Joe Hoft Show at 

Bobb started off discussing her new book that comes out today.  She says she wrote her book to try to help people understand what happened in the 2020 election.  She wanted to explain all she learned as a reporter on the ground in swing states across the country.

The topic of voting systems and machines came up next.  Bobb shared how she noticed on November 4th that there was a big push to know more about how the machines worked after the election.

There was this huge wave of misinformation about the machines coming out and I don’t understand why.  If there’s nothing to hide if the machines truly are completely benign which we have yet to see because nobody allows to obtain them and actually verify that, but let’s assume for a second they are, then why was there this big push to say they don’t connect to the Internet when they clearly do?

And by the mid-term elections, the push was, oh they do connect to the Internet but now they’re non-functioning and it’s just an Internet problem don’t worry they’re just glitches.  Well why were you saying they don’t connect to the Internet when they do and why are you saying well they do connect to the Internet but they’re just glitches, it’s not an actual problem?

…to me the concern is the lack of transparency.

Next, the topic of Joe Biden was discussed.  She noted that the DOJ is handling the Biden and Trump cases in exactly opposite ways.  Christina, President Trump’s attorney onsite, was forced to stand outside in the Florida summer heat and not allowed to observe what the FBI was doing.

The FBI does the raid, President Trump’s attorney is not allowed to observe.

Joe Biden, when the FBI finally does their search, the attorneys, one, have had weeks and weeks and months to look for whatever they wanted to look for and turn it over.  And then, from what I hear, at least from what CNN was reporting, the attorney’s were cooperating, working through the search with the FBI.

So it’s like, why are Joe Biden’s attorneys allowed to be present and sort through things but yet President Trump’s attorneys were not allowed to do that?

And the thing that bothers me the most about this is that not just they knew about this before the midterms.  That’s bad, they hid this from the American public…What’s worse is that they knew as of November 2nd, they knew that Joe Biden was doing far worse things than anything they could even pretend to accuse President Trump of.

Donald Trump hasn’t committed any crimes…Joe Biden’s criminal exposure is actually significant where as Donald Trump’s is zero. 

The Garland FBI calling President Trump’s legal actions with documents crimes, while knowing that Joe Biden is surrounded by multiple criminal acts and keeping this from the American public, Bobb says “is downright evil”.

When asked whether the FBI knew when they raided Mar-a-Lago about Biden’s crimes with classified documents, Bobb responded:

Well they should of because NARA should have known that the documents weren’t returned by Obama.

Listen to the below segment with Christina Bobb starting at the 17:40 minute mark.

Christina Bobb released her new book “Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024” – out today – link here

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