Was Ryan Macias, The National Democrat Machine’s Trojan Horse?

Ryan Macias, the Democrat machine’s latest weapon deployed to take down the Arizona Senate’s forensic audit, lied the first time he got onto the floor of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the site of that audit. He brazenly stated he was a reporter. He was soon uncovered when he could not provide press credentials.

AZ Audit Director: Shady Democrat Operative Ryan Macias Misrepresented Himself as Media to Get on Audit Floor – GOT CAUGHT! (VIDEO)

The frantic Democrats had run out of strategies to take down this audit. Lawsuits, nonprofit lawfare, delays, and threats at all stages were not doing the trick. Enter an unknown, a guy named Ryan Macias.

The Democratic Party desperately needed this guy, an expert witness with, allegedly, “subject matter expertise in election technology [and] security,” on that floor so they could trump up some reasons and haul the Arizona Senate back to court to delay and possibly sabotage and destroy this forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election.

Yesterday, a six-page, letter was delivered to Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison and former Arizona Secretary of State from current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D). It demanded in imperious tones, as all the election integrity letters from these Democrats do, immediate fixes to the audit process, or they, that is the Arizona Senate, would be back in court.

Soros-Linked Arizona Sec. of State Sends Letter to Maricopa Audit Team In Another Attempt to Shut Down the Audit – What Are Democrats Scared Of?

Macias, who runs a two+-year-old, for-profit outfit called RSM Election Solutions – found another way to get onto that floor, through none other than Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is clearly waging a vicious war against this audit, despite being the state’s Chief Election Official and required to be nonpartisan in the execution of her duties.

Being nonpartisan in name only, Hobbs has referred to this audit on her Twitter page as “#fraudit.”

It is well-known that Hobbs, a Democrat, was supported in her election to this post by plenty of George Soros dollars.

MUST READ: Soros and Clinton Connected Arizona Sec. of State, Katie Hobbs, Is Preparing to Fight the Senate Audit of Maricopa County Rather Than Support Election Integrity

She was able to manipulate the process at this late stage (why couldn’t she have done this weeks earlier?)  and got Macias’ name added onto a list of three audit “observers,” recently mandated by the court.

The other two observers Hobbs selected are Jennifer Morrell, with Protect Democracy (aka Protect Democracy Project) and Liz Howard with the Brennan Center for Justice.

Democrat Letters Demanding the Audit Be Terminated

This, however, is not the first time he, Macias, has appeared in this Maricopa County forensic audit war the Dems are waging against election integrity.  Macias very quietly added his name to not one but two different threatening letters, out of four sent by Democrat-controlled, activist, progressive nonprofits.

The first, sent on April 6 to the four audit teams, was from the rabidly-Democratic, anti-Trump nonprofit, the Protect Democracy Project (same as above), Hillary attorney Marc Elias’ Perkins Coie, and two Arizona firms, Coppersmith Brockelman out of Phoenix and Barton Mendez Soto out of Tempe.

The second, sent on April 13 this time directly to AZ Senate President Karen Fann, was sent by the Brennan Center for Justice (the same as above), Verified Voting, The Carter Center, and an unknown entity on the letterhead called RSM Election Solutions.

Two of those three nonprofits are well-known for being supported by George Soros. The Brennan Center has long been the top-tier U.S. election nonprofit choice of Soros and his secretive, progressive billionaires club, the Democracy Alliance (DA).

The Capital Research Center states:

Leftist  mega-donor  George  Soros’s  Open Society Institute (OSI) has been the Brennan Center’s largest funder.  From 2005 to 2009, OSI gave $4,571,000 to BCJ.

Verified Voting (VV), with two well-known computer scientist board members resigning in late 2019, has been recently exposed as having its board president, Barbara Simons, Ph.D., serving concurrently on the board of Soros’ powerful Democracy Alliance!

RSM Election Solutions, Macias’ business, does not fit in at all with these nonprofits! His is a for-profit, money-making outfit and is at direct odds with the fundamental purpose of tax-exempt charities. Its presence was a strange anomaly in this letter. Furthermore, the letterhead stated “RSM Election Solutions” but it was signed below by Ryan Macias as “RSM Election Technologies.”

It’s ironic that Macias can’t even get the name of his own business straight?

The third threatening letter, sent on April 22 again to Fann, was expanded in threat level and signed this time by 20 entities. Again, Ryan Macias’s business was an anomaly, among nonprofits and academics. This letter included two reps of the Brennan Center, four names which we could connect back to Verified Voting, the Protect Democracy Project again, The Carter Center again, and big names in the Democratic “election integrity” field, many of whom also receive Soros dollars, such as Common Cause, the Democracy Fund Voice and the National Vote at Home Institute.

The final letter, this mother of all threats from a Democrat-controlled nonprofit’s perspective, was sent to the Voting Section, Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. In years past, this governmental arm used to actually support civil rights’ enforcement with an even and well-tempered hand. Not any more. Since the Obama years, attorneys in this division were replaced with activists and SJW lawyers who have been utilized to wage nasty war upon political opponents. Civil rights became a weapon to wield not a means to justice.

This final letter, sent on April 29, eight-pages long, was signed by just three nonprofits: the Brennan Center, the Protect Democracy Project and the mother of all civil rights nonprofits in the United States, the Education Fund of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR). This nonprofit has, itself 224+ nonprofit members, giants in the civil rights arena, many of whom have state chapters, all networked together. The activist, grassroots, progressive power of this organization, is phenomenal.

Again, many, many, many of these nonprofits receive support from George Soros, his Democracy Alliance, and from the private family foundations of progressive billionaires intent on secretly implementing socialism and one-party rule in the U.S.

These are the warfare guns being pointed at the Arizona Senate: a cabal of partisan nonprofits that have been weaponized to do the work of their Democrat and progressive donors.

In comes the dastardly Ryan Macias

Clearly, Ryan Macias was not unknown to SoS Hobbs. Somehow, he ended up slipped into these two letters, creating the appearance that he was just one of the gang, one of the do-gooder nonprofits doing their thing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lying couldn’t get Ryan Macias onto the floor of the audit, so he got himself inserted onto the floor of the Maricopa County audit as a guest of the Secretary of State.

Macias and Hobbs – or Macias and the NFP cabal, hard to know which- clearly cooked it up that he would become one of Hobbs’ “observers” on the floor. Hobbs did not utilize people from her own office in Arizona, which should anger the people of Arizona! She picked Ryan Macias, along with, guess who, the Brennan Center and the Protect Democracy Project!

SoS Hobbs played political hardball for the national Democratic machine and delivered the national, expert, top-ranking nonprofit election hit team in her attempt to sabotage, take down, and destroy election integrity and this forensic audit.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said “a group of ‘experts’, (The Brennan Center and The Protect Democracy Project) wrote a letter asking the DOJ to send Federal monitors to ‘observe’ the Arizona audit.  She describes them as ‘aggressive, dirty, back-room players’ who work with BLM and Marxist groups intent on destroying our nation.”

At some point Macias went from being an unknown name on pieces of paper, those two threatening letters, to actually showing up on the ground, in person, in Phoenix, Arizona.

What happened? The Trojan Horse, with alleged expertise in election technology and security, Ryan Macias, actually got his feet onto the floor of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and his hands and eyes into the operations.  A couple of days later, a six-page letter found its way to the Arizona Senate’s representative, Ken Bennett, with demands that they fix the terrible things which were witnessed by Hobbs’ three observers – the two nonprofit election integrity thugs and Ryan Macias – or else they would end up back in court.

This is what the Democrats’ objective was all along. Get somebody with election technology and security expertise of some sort onto the floor of the audit and then let the sabotage begin. He, Macias, could then testify in front of a judge, as an expert witness, what he saw on the floor of the forensic audit.  Macias was the Democrats’ Trojan Horse.

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