Robert Lopez, former Professor of Humanities at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, is disgusted with what he has seen happen to the largest single Protestant denomination in the U.S. over what he says is a fight for control of billions of dollars in assets.

Lopez, who is a survivor of sexual abuse, told The Gateway Pundit:

“There are fake political operatives in the church and there is a huge battle over property and cash that looks like Grand Theft Auto. There is an election for a new President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and we have a sort of MAGA candidate, Mike Stone who is being destroyed by leftist candidates who want control. We have the left loading up the committees for control and using Critical Race Theory as an excuse to get access to church property and to the members, by using the same tactics to discredit candidates they don’t like, just like we see in national politics.”

Lopez, who was falsely charged as anti-gay and fired from his teaching position,  is pushing back on the left over the calls that the Southern Baptist Convention is racist and in need of Critical Race Theory (CRT). To Lopez, the whole battle is about financial power, and Mike Stone, a candidate to replace ‘woke pastor’ JD Grear as President, is being falsely accused out of greed for that powerful position of authority.

There’s a pattern in the SBC: the people championing female sex abuse victims persecute male sex abuse victims. That is because the people who use the abuse issue to advance feminism are also committed to covering up abuse in the LGBT context. Russ Moore follows the pattern.

— Bobby Lopez (@rlopezmission) June 5, 2021

Mike Stone, a conservative, is supported by another conservative clergy:

My fellow Southern Baptists, I am honored to endorse Pastor Mike Stone for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. I urge you to drop whatever you are doing and come to Nashville next week. The Awakened must stand up to the Woke.

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) June 10, 2021

To knock out the most Conservative member,  Lopez says Democrat or leftist members are using cancel culture by accusing Stone, who is a sex abuse survivor, of ignoring sex abuse cases.

If Mike Stone knew about cases of sexual abuse in leadership while being in position in the SBC he not only needs to be investigated but he should not be allowed to run for President. His candidacy for President of the Southern Baptist Convention should be terminated immediately

— Erik Vance, M.Div. (@PrayOrDie) June 7, 2021

Lopez told Gateway Pundit:

There is a Pastor’s Conference on June 15, 16, and this weekend they will vote in a rules committee for the direction of the church. The rules will set the direction of the church and whether the membership will make them the woke -Baptists, focusing on LGBTQ and Critical Race Theory

He has submitted his own resolution to the Rules Committee for Southern Baptist Convention posting:

“I hope that people can support this resolution I submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention. I fear it will be lost in all the screaming about critical race theory. Please, if you can, support it, because I address the corruption and institutional breach of trust relevant here.”

Lopez joins a group of pastors, thinkers, and congregants who want to get the Southern Baptist out of the world of grueling hustle and drama and back to the land prophets, God and Jesus.

‘Seminary presidents have sought to impose limits on academic free speech in ways contrary to the American tradition of free discourse and rather similar to the persecution of prophets enacted by the bad kings of the Old Testament,” Lopez wrote.

Who knew the Southern Baptist Convention could be so epic?

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