Were Zuckerbucks linked to the three 330,000 vote drops for Joe Biden in Fairfax County Virginia on Election night 2020?

After the 2020 Election, The Gateway Pundit looked into the results in various states.  One state that TGP explored was Virginia.  We focused on that state because the results didn’t make sense.  All-day and night during the Election on November 3rd, 2020, President Trump was ahead.  He never was behind at any point in the day.  Then late at night with President Trump still ahead, the state was called for Joe Biden.  Up until that point in time, there was no indication that Biden was even in the race.

We looked into the numbers in Virginia and found something puzzling.  Multiple drops of over 300,000 ballots for Joe Biden occurred.

EXCLUSIVE: Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results

We called this action in Virginia and other states, The Drop and Roll.

Now we are finding out that there were lots and lots of Zuckerbucks from the Facebook founder that were involved in Fairfax County, where the ballot drops occurred.

According to Capital Research, Fairfax County, the most populous county in Virginia, received a very large amount of Zuckerbucks ($1.24 million) in the 2020 Election.

Were Zuckerbucks involved in the massive ballot drops in Fairfax County on election night 2020?  This needs to be investigated.  Conservatives no longer have the luxury of ignoring the lawless voter grabs in battleground states.  There is too much at stake today.

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