President Trump responded to Joe Biden’s tyrannical display last night on Truth Social following Biden’s ghastly speech to the nation.

Joe Biden declared war on President Donald Trump and his 75 million supporters on Thursday night.

It was clearly the most horrendous speech given by any American president in the history of the republic.

Biden declared MAGA supporters a clear and present danger to the country.

Biden lied repeatedly about the economy, MAGA Republicans, the current state of America, and labeled his opposition white supremacists.

Following the appalling display by America’s worst president in history, President Trump weighed in on Truth Social accusing Joe Biden of “late stage dementia.”

This prompted the fake news media to jump into action.

The Independent reported President Trump “baselessly attacks” Biden with ‘late stage dementia’ rant.

They actually published that headline!

Despite ALL of the evidence of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline the fake news media STILL is defending this horrible man.

Joe Biden is COMPLETELY LOST and no amount of media gaslighting will change that.

The American mainstream media REALLY IS the enemy of the people!

The post Fake News Media Defends Joe Biden After President Trump Points Out his Obvious Dementia — They Really Are that Dishonest! #PedoHitler appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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