The Proud Boys member who drove Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio to meeting with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes in a parking garage on January 5, 2021, for their brief meeting is an FBI operative.

Ken Lizardo was an FBI informant at the time. And now he refuses to testify in the ongoing Proud Boys trial… After all, they can’t let the jury know the witness won’t testify because he’s an FBI operative!

Stewart Rhodes and Enrique Tarrio met for the first time in a parking garage the night before the January 6 protests. The meeting lasted a couple of minutes. Stewart Rhodes discussed this meeting with The Gateway Pundit in a previous interview. Tarrio was not in DC on January 6. And now we know his driver was an FBI operative.

Julie Kelly exposed this latest FBI operative, Ken Lizardo, in a series of tweets on Thursday.

As Julie mentions in her tweet, “reporting relationship with the FBI” is a nice way of saying FBI operative.

Lizardo actually picked up Tarrio from jail then drove him to the garage for infamous meet-up with Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers) the day before Jan 6.

One would think his testimony would be crucial for the jury to hear. But they won’t thanks to Judge Kelly pic.twitter.com/ACa7pGdrr7

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) March 23, 2023

“Reporting relationship with the FBI” is one nice way of putting it.

Lizardo was an informant who now claims he could be charged by DOJ for his participation in Jan 6 and must protect himself from potential prosecution. pic.twitter.com/vNQSfKA7u2

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) March 23, 2023

The DOJ and FBI do not want Ken Lizardo to take the stand. He might expose the vast FBI operation on January 6.

With each new day, we learn the January 6 “insurrection” was an FBI setup. What a disgraceful time for America.
Are there any honest employees left at the FBI?

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