Juli A. Mazi, 41, of Napa became the first person to be federally charged for fake Covid vaccine cards and making false statements ‘related to health care matters.’

The California homeopathic doctor is accused of falsifying Covid vaccine cards and ‘spreading misinformation about FDA-authorized vaccinations.’

“This defendant allegedly defrauded and endangered the public by preying on fears and spreading misinformation about FDA-authorized vaccinations, while also peddling fake treatments that put people’s lives at risk. Even worse, the defendant allegedly created counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards and instructed her customers to falsely mark that they had received a vaccine, allowing them to circumvent efforts to contain the spread of the disease,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco.

The Justice Department said Mazi profited from peddling unapproved “immunization pellets” that she claimed would provide “lifelong immunity to COVID-19.”

Mazi explained that the pellets contained a “very minute amount of this [COVID-19] disease” that can result in “infectious symptoms” of COVID-19 or “automatically flag[] the immune system’s attention, inducing immunity.”

“Steering through the challenges presented by COVID-19 requires trust and reliance on our medical professionals to provide sage information and guidance,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Stephanie Hinds for the Northern District of California. “According to the complaint, instead of disseminating valid remedies and information, Juli Mazi profited from unlawfully peddling unapproved remedies, stirring up false fears, and generating fake proof of vaccinations. We will act to protect trust in the medical developments that are enabling us to emerge from the problems presented by the pandemic.”

The DOJ also said Mazi “exploited disinformation and fear by falsely claiming that the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines contain “toxic ingredients.””

Noted attorney Robert Barnes said this is a very dangerous expansion of federal criminal power.

This is a very dangerous expansion of federal criminal power. FBI now claims *any* statement *anyone* makes concerning *any* health care matter is now subject to criminal prosecution if they don’t agree w/ the statement, regardless of a lack of ANY federal jurisdictional nexus. https://t.co/5yEwO9xaib

— Robert Barnes (@barnes_law) July 14, 2021

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