When have you ever seen this in a Final Four game?

Last night in the final minutes of the Kansas-North Carolina game, player Puff Johnson held his chest, collapsed to the floor and threw up. He couldn’t catch his breath and was sent to the bench where he struggled to breathe.

North Carolina’s Puff Johnson Throws Up During National Championship Game Live (Video) #MarchMadness https://t.co/MTnuPhPVia

— Nate B (@natedog_906) April 5, 2022

Ewwww …. “The Jayhawks, who once trailed by 16 points, fought off one late blow after another from North Carolina, which left everything — including the contents of Puff Johnson’s stomach — on the court.” https://t.co/qmNCUWCsI5

— Blair Crawford (@GetBAC) April 5, 2022

Here is video without sound.

How many fans were thinking COVID vaccine when they saw this take place?

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