In the last five days Tucker Carlson has taken a sledgehammer to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s future dreams of political greatness.

Tucker pointed out that weakling McCarthy hired Trump-hating liberal Frank Luntz to speak to Republican members of Congress at their retreat in Florida. This was the same conference House leader #3 bragged about not inviting President Trump to speak with the Republican lawmakers.

Then on Monday night Tucker Carlson broke the news that Kevin McCarthy is renting from his buddy Frank Luntz. It really is stunning how much these Republican leaders crap on their base on a daily basis.

Now, this…
It’s not just McCarthy and Cheney — House Minority Whip Steve Scalise invited former DNC Chair Donna Brazile as his guest to the Biden Inaugural. This was the same day Scalise skipped President Trump’s farewell address.

What a disgrace.

Scalise said he invited Brazile because he thought “it would be a good show of unity.”

And he’s number two in the US House!

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