A NOAA air current model shows the China spy balloon is expected to traverse the United States heartland through the Midwest and Southern states on Friday before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean passing over the U.S. Navy base at Newport News, Virginia. Joe Biden refused to shoot down the balloon, however Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled a planned trip to Beijing in protest.

Any clue as to what this is in the sky? It’s moved a little bit in the past 40 minutes, but it was just as bright in daylight hours. pic.twitter.com/sNRnJSfJ7G

— John Martin (@MartinInMontana) February 2, 2023

The NOAA HYSPLIT* model was used to reverse track the balloon from China. The balloon flew over the Aleutian Islands, then into Canada air space before crossing into U.S. airspace over Montana and a U.S. nuclear missile base on Wednesday.

NOAA HYSPLIT model back traces the origin of the upper atmosphere #spyballoon in the past 5 days to #China.

Source: @ChrisWTOL pic.twitter.com/wwWAPa7Rop

— Saikiran Kannan | 赛基兰坎南 (@saikirankannan) February 3, 2023

Forecasting shows it continuing across the U.S. on Friday:

Based on Met. Models ( NOAA’s HYSPLIT tool ) spy balloon could have been launched ~ 26th Jan, and slowly made its way over Japan -> Alaska -> Canada ->Mainland USA

In a little over 24 hrs it will make its way across to the Atlantic#osint #china #montana #spyballoon pic.twitter.com/lJbM6YfQt4

— Viper (@viper202020) February 3, 2023

The Pentagon has issued statements that downplayed the significance of the China spy balloon.

China issued a statement Friday morning regretting what it claimed is a civilian science experiment flying off course.

UPDATE: Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said Friday at a briefing around noon that the balloon is flying over the center of the United States at an elevation of about 60,000 feet. The spokesman said the balloon has changed course, showing that is it maneuverable but declined to say whether China is controlling the balloon’s movements.

JUST IN: The suspected Chinese spy balloon seen over the U.S. “continues to move eastward,” Pentagon officials say, and that it “is currently over the center of the continental United States.” https://t.co/YLscM5kKwu pic.twitter.com/1BKrZcAUHW

— ABC News (@ABC) February 3, 2023

Arrogant Pentagon spokesman says Defense Departmen will not say where the balloon is, tells Americans they can look up in the sky for the balloon.

When a reporter asks if the public has the right to know where the Chinese spy balloon is, the Pentagon spokesman says “the public certainly has the ability to look up in the sky” pic.twitter.com/0QOTJ4HJMj

— Washington Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) February 3, 2023

*”The Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory model (HYSPLIT)[1] is a computer model that is used to compute air parcel trajectories to determine how far and in what direction a parcel of air, and subsequently air pollutants, will travel. HYSPLIT is also capable of calculating air pollutant dispersion, chemical transformation, and deposition.[2] The HYSPLIT model was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Air Resources Laboratory and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Research Centere in 1998.[3] The model derives its name from the usage of both Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches.” (Wikipedia)

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