Spies who lie: This New York Post cover says it all.

in October 2020, just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, 51 former senior intelligence officials signed a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son’s laptop “have all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

“If we are right,” the group wrote in a letter, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote.” https://t.co/CXzz0qcaUd

— HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) October 20, 2020

Former CIA Director John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper signed on to the letter.

This was all a lie, of course. The intelligence community knew the laptop was real and from Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s bagman and crack-addicted son. The intel leaders all signed the letter anyway and lied to the American public about its contents.

On Sunday Elon Musk tweeted out that his pronouns were “Prosecute/Fauci.”

John Brennan chided Elon Musk following his tweet today.

Dr. Fauci is a national hero who will be remembered for generations to come for his innate goodness & many contributions to public health

Despite your business success, you will be remembered most for fueling public hate & divisions.

You may have money, but you have no class. https://t.co/0zabyXMERz

— John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) December 11, 2022

Brennan is upset that he will be remembered always for being an anti-American liar.

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