Election integrity patriot and former Georgia Judicial Magistrate, Richard Jordan, is facing charges for questioning the June Election and attempting to submit a complaint. 

Richard Jordan was elected as a Judicial Officer in 1980, as the youngest judge to have ever served the people of the State of Georgia at the age of 25.  This came after he supported Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election.

Fast forward to 2022 and the former judge is now under investigation that could result in three misdemeanors and a felony, all for questioning Dominion voting machine’s compliance with the laws in Georgia.

Jordan wanted to file a complaint during the election because he was unable to read the QR code that showed the results of his votes in that election.  He cannot read the QR code but Georgia law states that a ballot must be printable and legible by the elector.

Jordan shared the following regarding the event:

When he was filling out his complaint he was confronted by a police officer multiple times.  He was later accused of trespassing.  How could he trespass while legally voting during an election?

Jordan shared his experience in the video below:

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