The dishonest Biden campaign and their hand puppets in the mainstream media have been telling Americans that they brought gas prices down.

Joe Biden claims falling gas prices show his programs are working.

Unfortunately, the establishment media refuses to correct the regime on this obvious lie.

Diesel fuel on Monday was back over $5 a gallon.

According to the US Energy Information Administration website (EIA) government website gas prices are currently higher than they ever have been in US history — except for May and June.

The average price for all grades of fuel in the US today is $4.67 per gallon.

This is higher than ANY TIME in US history prior to Joe Biden. data

The only reason gas prices are down is because of the US and global recession.

Gas prices may have dipped but they are still at historic highs — thanks to Joe Biden and Democrat policies.

Via GasBuddy

But there will always be gullible idiots out there.

I think it’s funny all the Biden stickers that MAGA put on gas pumps now say “I did that!” next to lower and lower gas prices

— Sean #FBR (@egheitasean) August 23, 2022

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