Army General Don Buldoc won his primary for US Senate last night despite $4.1 million in attacks against him linked to Mitch McConnell.

His opponent Chuck Morse, the moderate candidate backed by Mitch McConnell tweeted his congratulations at 2:50 AM.

It was another ugly race where GOP elites spent a fortune smearing the populist and conservative candidate in the race.

American Military News reported:

Republican political action committee White Mountain PAC, headed by political operative Les Williamson who has repeatedly worked with Senator Mitch McConnell in the past, spent $4.1 million in advertising this week to undercut retired Army Brig. Gen. Don Buldoc — the leading Republican candidate by 18 points in New Hampshire’s 2022 Senate race. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is linked to the PAC and many suspect he is behind the effort.

General Buldoc won the primary against McConnell backed candidate Chuck Morse by a percentage point.

President Trummp congratulated General Bolduc today.

Here is a Buldoc ad.

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