Dear Friend,

It has long been an American military tradition that we do not leave our wounded on the battlefield. “Leave no man behind” is an honored principle of our Armed Forces.

That is why I am writing to you today about my friend Roger Stone. Like myself, Roger was subjected to a politically motivated prosecution in the Mueller witch hunt. He was railroaded by corrupt prosecutors who withheld exculpatory evidence from his defense lawyers and a biased judge who didn’t even bother hiding her hatred for both President Trump and Stone. Through the grace of God, Roger was unconditionally pardoned by President Donald Trump.

As with the fabricated case against me, Roger Stone and his wife lost everything in their efforts to finance his legal defense. They were forced to sell their home and spend their savings. The Mueller inquisition cost them everything.

Now after two years of relentless stress and near bankruptcy, Roger and his wife Nydia face an even greater challenge because Nydia has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer which has spread to her lungs. I recently met Nydia Stone in Florida and can tell you that she is a gracious lady and a strong woman, deeply committed to fighting both medicinally and spiritually for her life. However, the cost of treatment for Nydia is substantial.

Roger Stone has proven himself to be a valiant and loyal warrior in the fight to make America great again. Now we must rally around Roger and Nydia Stone as they fight once again, this time for Nydia’s life. First and foremost, I ask you to join every member of the Flynn family in praying for the Stones in their time of distress. Won’t you also please send a generous contribution to the Stone Family Support Fund? No contribution is too large or too small.

We have a moral obligation to stand with those who have the courage to stand up for America. Roger has told me that his wife is suffering from a particularly aggressive Lymphoma and that her treatments must begin immediately. Please join me in supporting these great patriots in their time of need.


Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.)

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