A Georgia man was arrested and charged with the murder of a golf pro and two others at a Georgia country club.

The New York Post reported this morning.

A man was busted Thursday for the slaying of three people, including a golf pro, at a Georgia country club last weekend, police said.

Bryan Rhoden was captured by authorities in DeKalb County — about 25 miles from where the bodies were found at the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, according to Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox.

Rhoden, who has ties to the Atlanta area, was described by Cox as the “lone shooter” in the slayings. The gunman was charged with three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of kidnapping.  Golf pro-Gene Siller was one of the victims in the country club shooting.

His bust comes five days after pro golfer Gene Siller, the 46-year-old director of the club, was murdered as he approached a white Dodge Ram 3500 that drove onto the course’s 10th hole.

Police have said Siller was likely shot and killed because he stumbled on and “witnessed an active crime taking place.”

FOX News is reporting:

Georgia authorities on Tuesday identified a California man as the third victim in a shooting Saturday at a country club that killed golf professional Gene Siller.

The Cobb County Police Department said Henry Valdez, 46, was found dead inside the bed of a truck at the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, 30 miles northwest of Atlanta. Another man found dead in the truck was identified earlier as 76-year-old Kansas resident, Paul Pierson.

It’s not yet known why Rhoden killed the three men.

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— Catturd (@catturd2) July 9, 2021

We don’t expect conservative groups meeting around the country and looting stores using these deaths as a reason to loot.

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