Individual investors around the world are trying to determine where is the most profitable and safest place for their investments.  This question has never been as difficult to determine as now.

The markets grew under President Trump based on solid economic policies.  The President put in place trade agreements that benefitted the US.  He lowered taxes on individuals and corporations making America more competitive worldwide.  He pushed for America-first jobs and industries.  As a result of his actions, the DOW went up by more than 10,000 points, unemployment was at 3% for 50-year lows and the US GDP reached new highs.

Now Biden is destroying the oil and gas industry in the US.  He is spending trillions on pet (Communist) Democrat packages and he is threatening to raise taxes and spend more.  What are the markets to do?

Today Zerohedge noted that the potential for CPI (inflation) to move to 4% in a couple of weeks is likely.

…there is a clear risk that the May inflation report published on June 10, “will prove to be an absolute shocker with used cars and trucks up by 50% year over year, and a potential further increase in the yearly increase in the rent of shelter component.”

Used car sales and prices have also exploded with the price of used cars reaching nearly that of new cars.

There are millions of moving parts and the world has never been in this situation before.  So hold tight.  There might be some turbulence coming up soon.

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