After 2020, lots of woke corporations canceled their contracts with MyPillow because Mike stood up to the Left.

He lost millions fighting for justice, by his count.

But that didn’t stop Mike.

He kept going — and partnered with us to get you great deals on amazing bedding and home products!

Now, with Christmas coming, MyPillow wants to help you get all the stockings filled — and make your bedroom warm and cozy with huge discounts!

Here’s how it works:

1. Click here to go to the TGP discounts page. 

2. Put what you need in the cart.

3. When you get to checkout, look for the “Enter Promo Code” box.

4. Put TGP in that box, click “Apply” and you’ll get huge discounts!

When you use promo code TGP, you’ll get up to 65% off what you need (plus you’ll be benefiting Gateway Pundit).

Here’s a sample of great deals on the discounts page:

Plus, if you haven’t seen them yet, people say MyPillow’s down blankets and down comforters are “cozy, fluffy and extremely comfortable.”

MyPillow’s down blankets are 500-fill and come in twin, queen and king sizes — 40% off with promo code TGP:

MyPillow’s down blankets are:

White Goose Down – Most competitors have Duck down or Down alternatives. White Goose down is better because it has superior insulating power

Hand Selected – The feathers are sorted by hand, and are only the smallest, softest most delicate in structure providing a lighter down

Baffle Box Construction – Helps reduce cold spots and keeps feathers from moving around the blanket

Beautiful satin ribboned trim to complete the luxurious look and feel

If you need more weight for the colder months, MyPillow’s down comforters also come in 600-fill and 700-fill.

Here’s an amazing deal: MyPillows down comforters are now 50% off when you use promo code TGP!

People say about MyPillow’s down comforters:

“The photo does not do this comforter justice! It is light, comfortable and fluffy…..great quality!!”

“Everything stays in place and super comfortable. Keeps you warm and perfect temperature without overheating you.”

“This comforter is amazing! I hate to get out of bed in the morning. It is warm, lightweight, and feels like a hug.”

Use promo code TGP to get up to 50% off:

MyPillow’s down comforters are:

All Season Down Comforters, the industry’s most versatile comforter

Excellent thermal insulation to help evenly distribute heat

Available in 600+ Fill Power or Premium 700 Fill Power for maximum warmth

10-Year Warranty & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

After you choose a weight, cover your down comforter with duvet covers as low as $48.99 when you use promo code TGP!

MyPillow’s duvet covers are made out of high-quality Giza cotton with a sateen weave.

And a lot of people love it that MyPillow’s duvet covers tie into MyPillow’s down comforters, as Debbie discovered:

“I was putting the duvet cover on the comforter when I noticed that there were ties on the 4 corners of the duvet. I thought, “What do I tie these to?” Then, I found the place that they tie in on the four corners of the comforter. I am like WOWSA!”

MyPillow’s duvet covers are up to 65% off when you use promo code TGP!

Its such a good deal you can get more than one design — and you change up your bedroom in a snap!

Click here to see all the colors and designs:

When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter TGP and click apply.

You’ll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and Gateway Pundit!

For more amazing deals, click here!

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