Former Senator David Perdue was given a win as a Georgia judge ordered the state’s most populous county to maintain 2020 Election records.

In December 2021, former Senator and the current gubernatorial candidate, David Perdue, sued Fulton County, Georgia for the fraudulent election results in that county in the 2020 Election.

BREAKING BIG: Former Senator David Perdue Sues Fulton County for “Absentee Ballots…Scanned Multiple Times” and “16,000 Ballots” Not Counted in 2020 Election

Liz Harrington went through Senator Perdue’s suit and noted multiple accusations of fraud in the 2020 Election in the county.  As a result of the results that were counted in the county, Senator Perdue lost his seat in the election.

“They Counted Batches of Ballots Multiple Times … with No Poll Watchers Present – All of which Violated Georgia Law” – Liz Harrington on David Perdue’s Explosive Fulton County Lawsuit

This evening it was reported that a judge has ruled that Fulton County should provide additional layers of security for the 2020 Election records.

BREAKING: A judge has ordered 148k mail in ballots and supporting files from Fulton County, GA, to be preserved.

There’s speculation that the ruling is a precursor to having the ballots unsealed and inspected. – War Room Pandemic

— 2020 Election Updates (@2020ElectionUp3) April 8, 2022

John Solomon at Just the News writes:

Georgia judge has issued an extraordinary ruling in requiring the state’s largest county to provide an “additional layer of security” for 2020 election records, handing former GOP Sen. David Perdue and 2022 gubernatorial candidate a major victory in his court-related, election-integrity efforts.

“Petitioners have asked that the court enter an order preserving  the voting records at issue in this litigation,” reads the three-page decision Thursday by Judge Robert McBurney, of the Superior Court of Fulton County, Atlanta Judicial Circuit.

“The Clerk of Superior Court of Fulton County is the current custodian of those records; she is statutorily obligated to maintain the records for at least two years (a period which extends to November 2022, if not beyond)…

…The suit names as respondents Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron “in his individual capacity, et al.”

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