Good riddance.

Several school boards and leftist teachers’ unions were outraged this past year when parents exposed the filth they were teaching their students and the porn books they were promoting in their school libraries.

AG Merrick Garland Called On the FBI to Stalk and Harass American Parents Because They Objected to This Porn Book in their School’s Library — (Warning on Content)

This was very upsetting to the godless teachers determined to bring sex into the public school classrooms.

TGP contributor Jacob Engels, who happens to be gay, was removed from a Florida school board meeting for reading one of the school’s filthy porn books at their meeting.

Governor Ron DeSantis put a stop to teaching sex and filth to kindergarteners up to 3rd-grade students.

This was too much for the left. They smeared his bill, calling it the “Don’t say gay” bill which is an outright lie. This is how desperate they are to teach sex to 1st-graders!

And now “some” Florida teachers are leaving their profession because they can’t teach sex to kindergarteners.
Sounds like a win-win decision.

If I can’t talk to kindergartners about sex – I quit?


— Catturd (@catturd2) April 2, 2022

Maybe they can find work at a porn shop?

Some LGBTQ educators in Florida are leaving the profession after the enactment of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) April 1, 2022

So is this really true or just more fake news BS?

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