Grammy-nominated Cuban singer, songwriter Juan Carlos Formell died at 59 after suffering a heart attack on stage during a show in New York City last Friday.

Juan Carlos Formell was performing a show in the Bronx when he wandered off stage 20 minutes into the set.

The singer collapsed near a curtain back stage.


Perturbador, el bajista de los Van Van Juan Carlos Formel sale caminando del escenario en pleno concierto y muere minutos después
Se cree que sufrió un infarto

— El Pana (@ElPana_CU) May 27, 2023

The Daily Mail reported:

Juan Carlos Formell, the renowned Cuban singer and songwriter, has died at the age of 59.

He died after suffering a heart attack onstage at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts in the Bronx, New York City on May 26.

Formell, who was the son of musical legend Juan Formell, was nominated for a Grammy in 2000 for his debut album ‘Songs from a Little Blue House.’

He fled from Cuba and moved to New York in 1993, and following his father’s death in 2014, he took over as the bassist in his Afro-Cuban band, Los Van Van.

They were performing in the Bronx when he suddenly wandered off, and collapsed near a curtain at the back of the stage after suffering from a heart attack.

The band took a half an hour break before telling the audience that Formell was suffering with health problems. They then finished the set, playing for another hour, reports NYT.

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