It’s President Trump’s birthday today.  

In recognition of his birthday patriots in Arizona just completed their ballot count of 2020 Election results in Maricopa Country. 

There are very few men who have given more for their country and yet suffered more for doing it than President Trump.

President Washington held on for years while the American Revolution continued, away from his house and family.  He suffered through Valley Forge and then gave another eight years in service to this country and created the office of President.

President Lincoln took on the Democrats who seceded from the Union and started the Civil War.  He freed the slaves and brought the country back together after much bloodshed.  Lincoln was killed by an assassin in April 1865, the same month that Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.

President Trump gave up a good life and fortune to become America’s President.  He put America on a winning path before Obama/Biden stole the election from him.  In spite of the attacks from the prior President and his Deep State goons, President Trump did much for America.

God bless President Trump and his family today on his birthday.

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