On Saturday, Yossi Amar was waiting at a bus stop near the legendary Grave of Moses, on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho, when a terrorist jumped out at him, pepper-sprayed his eyes, and tried to steal his M-16 rifle, Israeli patriotic NGO Im Tirtzu reports on Facebook.

Too bad Yossi is a soldier in the Israeli Army’s crack anti-terror Kfir Brigade, trained in Krav Maga and close-quarters combat, ready to fight for his country at any time. Despite the unexpected attack, Yossi managed to fight off the terrorist, tackle him to the ground, and beat him into submission. Yossi recounted:

“I was standing at a bus stop near Nebi Musa (Grave of Moses). The terrorist, 30 years old and well built, took me by surprise. He pepper-sprayed my eyes and then tried to steal my weapon. My cell phone flew out of my hands and my gun magazine broke. I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were burning. We struggled in a fist fight but I managed to pin him to the ground and choke him.

He wouldn’t give up and tried to flee to the sand dunes nearby. I chased him despite barely being able to see anything. I tackled him. He began to fight me and I responded by bashing the butt and barrel of my gun against his head, just like we were taught in Krav Maga during basic training.

I also used a rock I found on the ground until I overcame him. I realized that I prevented a very large terrorist attack. The terrorists’ jaw broke and I sprained a few fingers. My tzitzit (prayer shwal) was soaked with my blood. But I defeated him.”




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