Sarah Palin shares why she supported candidate Trump early on in the 2016 Election.  

“There wa only one who wasn’t a politician thank the Lord.  That was Donald Trump.

And I knew out of all of them, because I knew them all.  He was the only one to have the balls to take on the fake media, fake news [pointing at the media] and to take on Hillary Clinton.  And he did it for you.  He did it.”

.@SarahPalinUSA at #TrumpRally: “[Trump] was the only one…to take on the fake media, fake news and to take on Hillary Clinton and he did it for you, he did it. That’s why I love him.” #SaveAmerica


— Newsmax (@newsmax) July 10, 2022

The post “He Was the Only One to Have the Balls to Take on the Fake Media… and Hillary Clinton” – Sarah Palin on President Trump in 2016 Race appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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