The foolish House Republicans gave Liz Cheney a standing ovation as she walked off the stage today after they finally voted to boot her from Leadership.

Irony, defined.

Was just told Cheney got a standing ovation as she walked off stage today.

(From the Republicans who were *ousting* her.)

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) May 12, 2021

Cheney is determined to destroy the Republican Party.  She can’t help it at this point.  And it’s obvious.

Following the vote Liz Cheney walked off the stage and then went right to the liberal press.

Cheney smeared President Trump and half of America by claiming their was nothing wrong with the 2020 election.
How vicious! What a dunce.

“I Will Do Everything I Can to Ensure Former President Never Again Gets Anywhere Near White House” — WOW! Bitter Liz Cheney LASHES OUT After Getting Dumped from House GOP Leadership (VIDEO)

Then Cheney ran over to hold a sitdown interview with NBC.
Liz sat with NBC News reporter Savannah Guthrie who has always been a defender of conservative causes. (that’s a joke)

Just sat down with Rep. Liz Cheney @replizcheney for an exclusive interview on @NBCNews.

— Savannah Guthrie (@SavannahGuthrie) May 12, 2021

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