Angry leftists berated Allen West during his speech at the University of Buffalo last week. The mob screamed, “No Justice, No Peace!” and “Black Lives Matter!” at the black conservative during his speech outside of his event.

Evidently, black conservatives’ lives don’t matter to the young radicals.

Following the speech the violent leftist mob hunted down the young woman who invited Allen West to speak on campus!

Approximately 200 leftists hunted her down as she returned to her car screaming, “Go get her!” and “Go capture the girl!” The mob chased several members of the Young America’s Foundation and beat one member after they captured him.

Therese Purcell described her terrifying experience following the speech.

The leftists were screaming that she was trying to silence black voices.

Watch the latest video at

She should sue the sh*t out of the university.
Enough is enough!

The Daily Mail reported:

A University of Buffalo student said she was ‘hunted down’ by a woke mob screaming ‘no justice, no peace,’ after she invited prominent black Republican Lt. Col. Allen West to speak on how he overcame racism.

Therese Purcell, president of the Young Americans for Freedom, a campus club that organized the event, said she and her fellow members only wanted to bring these open dialogues of racism to campus.

But protests erupted at the event, leading to an angry mob that chased Purcell, leaving her afraid of what would have happened if she wasn’t able to hide from them.

She shared terrifying footage of the incident online, and says it left her fearing for her life, Fox News reported.

‘I realized I was the target for these protesters, and about 200 of my fellow students started hunting me down on campus, started chasing me,’ she said.

Purcell said she heard the angry crown screaming, ‘go her her, go get her, go capture her, the girl in the red dress.’

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