Dallas, Texas – A 4-year-old girl died after being mauled by three of the neighbor’s pit bulls.

One of the neighbors said the dogs were known to be aggressive.

The mother said she dropped her daughter off at her neighbor’s house so she could go to the grocery store.

When she returned, her 4-year-old daughter was mangled and bleeding profusely.

According to Fox 4 Dallas, the girl was mauled by all three pit bulls as the dog owner watched.

“Rambo attacked, but I got a feeling Rawlow and Reina had something to do with it too,” the mother of the victim told NBCDFW.

The victim, 4-year-old Lea Freeman, died at the hospital after being mangled.

According to NBCDFW:

Dallas Police are investigating the death of a 4-year-old girl after detectives say she was attacked by a dog in her home on Saturday.

“She’s just a playful little girl. She’s just my little angel,” said Tiara Freeman about her daughter, Lea.

Freeman said the 4-year-old along with with her two younger children had moved in with a woman she knows in the 5600 block of Bluffman Drive in Southern Dallas.

She said on Saturday, just before 8 a.m., she asked the friend to look after the kids as she went to the store.

“When I went to get my wallet, my baby was just fine, she was sweet, she saw me leave, she asked where I was going, I said ‘I’m going to the store real quick, I’ll be right back, I’ll back.’ I come home, and this happens,” said Freeman.

The details of specifically what happened are still under investigation, but Freeman described what she found when she came back.

More from NBCDFW:

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