What are the odds that the 2020 Census results announced this past week are tainted with?

President Trump faced another massive attack from the left in relation to the 2020 Census.  These people even petitioned the courts to include non-Americans in the census results and an insane court agreed with them:

Federal Judges Block President Trump’s Effort to Exclude Illegal Aliens From Census Count For the Purpose of Congressional Representation

In January, the Census Bureau announced that the results for the census would not be available by the statutory deadline:

Census Bureau Announces It Will Miss Deadline – Could Undermine President Trump’s Efforts to Exclude Illegal Aliens from Congressional Apportionment

The 2020 Census results were finally released this past week, however, there are concerns that the numbers should have been much different than announced:

2020 Census Count Shows Democrat-Run California, New York to Lose US House Seats While GOP-Run Texas and Florida Gain

House Republicans believe that the current census results inflated the populations in blue (Democrat) states:

A group of House Republicans are accusing the Biden administration’s Census Bureau of inflating population estimates in left-leaning states in order to increase their representation in Congress after redistricting.

“Given the extra time it took to complete the 2020 Census — including not meeting the statutory deadlines by months — we have questions about the methodology and the role the Biden White House may have played in releasing these numbers, especially as the results differ from evaluation estimates released mere months ago in ways that benefit blue states over red states,” the group wrote in a Friday letter addressed to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. 

As evidence that something untoward had taken place, the group said they contacted the Census Bureau with questions about the apportionment of House members after population estimates were released this week, but that the bureau had redirected them to the White House. “The statute is clear,” they wrote. “It is the secretary of commerce who reports the apportionment count to the president, not the other way around.”

The House Republicans believe the 2020 Census is tainted.  What are the odds this is the case?

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