This is beyond pathetic.

Joe Biden golfed Monday morning in Delaware before heading back to the White House.

Someone captured footage of Biden attempting to golf and it was hideously embarrassing.

Joe Biden is actually worse at golf than we thought. Biden sucks at everything.

Joe Biden’s golf swing sums up his presidency.

“Did he hit it?” a bystander asked.

“It went behind him,” another person said.


Exclusive footage of @JoeBidenin Delaware this morning. The people need a #Trump #Biden golf match. @FoxNews @CNN @stoolpresidente @ForePlayPod – thoughts?

Buddy should’ve taken a drop! #golf #Biden #Trump #Shank #Doink

— Rigoberto Gonzales (@LOCKnessmonstr1) May 17, 2021

Dementia Joe got roasted.

Dominion is overseeing his scorecard.
Don’t worry, at the end of 18 holes, Joe will be -12 with 3 hole-in-ones.
Trust them.

— Jason Kemp (@jasonkemp) May 18, 2021

Once again, and in every category:

Trump > Biden

— SoylentGreenIsPeople (@Rarely_Wrong) May 18, 2021

What the hell? How did the ball go in that direction?

— Josh Holmes (@HolmesJosh) May 18, 2021

the leader of the free world making a mockery of us on the golf course. hate to see it.

— Logan Hall (@loganclarkhall) May 18, 2021

Let’s compare idiot Biden to President Trump:


— Logan Hall (@loganclarkhall) May 18, 2021

Last month Joe Biden went golfing and the media fawned over him.

The media lied and said that Biden is a good golfer and a 6 handicap.

Biden’s handicap index is 6.7, according to the USGA database. Pretty good number BUT he hasn’t posted a round since 2018. Shaking off some rust.

— Jordan Fabian (@Jordanfabian) April 17, 2021

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