John Solomon and Just the News reported that more than 100,000 Georgians are set to be removed from the state’s voter registration rolls unless they act in a timely manner.

Breaking: Georgia Secretary of State to remove 100K names from state voter rolls | Just The News

— John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) June 19, 2021

Critics are calling this a voter purge.

Most of these invalid voters submitted change of address forms to the post office.  For some, mail that was sent to their listed residences was returned. More than 18,000 were removed because they are dead.

Different groups including Atlanta’s NAACP are watching this move closely for disenfranchisement.

Brad Raffensperger has been taking heat for his role in the fraudulent Georgia election and still refuses to hold an audit.

How many of these 18,000+ dead registered voters cast a ballot while dead in 2020?

How many of these 100,000 + voters were phantom voters in 2020?

Raffensperger said, “You need to have accurate voter rolls and proper list maintenance. It also helps your county election directors.” But the corrupt Secretary of State refuses to hold a full forensic audit to ensure the rolls were accurate, maintained and that no fraud occurred.

Trump “lost” Georgia by 11,779 votes.

How many dead voters voted for Joe Biden in 2020?

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