On Saturday night, the Arizona Audit War Room Twitter page tweeted out that America’s Audit had reached a HUGE MILESTONE!

“1 million ballots counted in the ONLY forensic audit in Maricopa County!”

This is a Huge Milestone. We are about halfway through this historic audit and we will have a result soon!

One million ballots have been inspected out of 2.1 million total ballots!

This comes just 2 days after Audit Director Ken Bennett told us they were over 800,000 ballots completed. As you can see, the pace is increasing as they trained over 300 new volunteers last week and even more this week, “but the speed is not our goal, accuracy is our number one goal.”. 

The audit will take Sunday off but they will resume counting on Monday.  With their current pace, this audit should be finished before the end of June.

@AuditWarRoom is providing live audit updates alongside @ArizonaAudit on Twitter.

The Gateway Pundit’s man on the ground, Jordan Conradson, will check in with Ken Bennett on Monday for another update on America’s Audit.







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