HUNDREDS of supporters turned out to see former governor and current US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens in Robertsville, Missouri on Saturday.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Veterans for Trump co-chair Jessie Jane Duff were guest speakers today at the rally just outside of St. Louis.

Bernard Kerik and Jessie Jane Duff fired up the crowd on Saturday afternoon before Rudy Giuliani took the stage. 9-11 heroes Rudy and Bernard spoke to the crowd about crisis and leadership. Rudy told the crowd Democrats want to make the US a socialist or communist country, adding, “They want to make us a country that doesn’t believe in God. All socialists and communists are afraid of God. It was Karl Marx’s great fear. Because if you believe in God there’s something more important than socialism or communism. Something more important than Stalin or Mao or Castro or Maduro or the damn Democrat Party.”

Former Governor Greitens was exceptional and reminded the crowd that he was the only Missouri politician to visit the Arizona Audit in Phoenix last month.
The crowd cheered the news.

This was an exceptional event for the pro-Trump Missouri candidate.
Greitens will be hard to stop in the Missouri race.

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