Earlier this week it was reported that there are an additional 450 gigabytes of material on Hunter Biden’s laptop that have previously gone unreported.  However, on Thursday the computer repairman who was given the abandoned laptop says this isn’t so.

There were several news reports this week suggesting there is more on the Hunter laptop than was previously discovered.  However, this notion was refuted by the computer repairman who first looked at the laptop and who made a copy of it before handing it over to the FBI.

John Paul Mac Isaac claims that there 300 gigs of data on a 500 gig drive.  There was no way that 450 gigs could be on the laptop because there was no more room.

Another expert explained it this way:

It is technically impossible to recover 450 GB of erased data from a 500 GB drive with only 200 GB free. When you delete a file from a computer, you are telling the OS to forget the location of that file on the drive, but the file is still there. It is possible to recover a deleted file as long as the OS hasn’t written new data over the file’s previous location. If 450 GB of data was un-deleted from the drive, that would leave 250 GB of data recovered beyond the original 500 GB drive capacity. The newly discovered 450 GB of data combined with the existing original 300 GB data would require the original copy of the drive to be at least 750 GB.  The drive only had 500 GB.

Isaac says the data doesn’t line up.  Simple math would tell us he is right. 

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