Dirty FBI Director Chris Wray spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning in Washington DC.

During questioning Chris Wray was asked why he had not arrested more Trump supporters on January 6.

Wray told the committee,

“There were a certain number of people who concealed themselves more effectively. So part of it is a little more challenging to get those people identified. That’s part of it… I have to be little bit careful what I say here. But we are continuing to develop some of the more complicated parts of the investigation in terms of conspiracy charges and that sort of thing.”

Chris Wray has known for over a year there was no conspiracy to overrun the US Capitol. The only person promoting that idea the week of January 6 was government opertative Ray Epps who still walks free today.

The Gateway Pundit can confirm through NUMEROUS discussions with Oath Keepers and Proud Boys leaders that there was no conspiracy or plot for an insurrection on January 6th.

But Wray keeps pushing this conspiracy BS.

Chris Wray is a dirty, evil man.

Dozens of Trump supporters still sit in prison without trial.

A father this week who did not enter the US Capitol or commit any violence was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Dr. Simone Gold sits in prison today for entering the US Capitol that day.

And a Trump-supporting grandmother with cancer was thrown in prison in July for walking into the US Capitol that day.

The political persecution of Trump supporters continues to this day.

During his testimony today Ted Cruz praised Chris Wray for not politicizing the agency.

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Director Wray I’m deeply concerned that the FBI and Department of Justice have become thoroughly politicized. I think this is a problem that began during the Obama administration and I think it metastasized with career officials during the Trump administration. And I think it continues and is worse today under the Biden administration. I don’t believe you personally reflect that politicization but I think you’ve been unwilling to root it out.”

How many Trump-supporting grandmas will Chris Wray harass, arrest and imprison before Ted Cruz puts the blame where it belongs?

Or does Ted Cruz support this?

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Do you agree with this FBI guidance that the Betsy Ross flag and the Gadsden flag and the Gonzales battle flag are signs of ‘militia violent extremism?’”

FBI Director Chris Wray filibusters and doesn’t answer the question. pic.twitter.com/mkpvInvha8

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) August 4, 2022

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