Dem Rep. Dina Titus is angry at her own party.

Titus is upset that the legislature drew “three, competitive, risky districts” instead of creating “two safe seats and one swing.”

Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nevada):
“I totally got f—ed by the Legislature on my district… They could have created two safe seats for themselves and one swing. That would have been smart… No no, we have to have three that are very likely going down.”

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) December 16, 2021

The Political Insider reported:

Representative Dina Titus, a Nevada Democrat, says colleagues from her own party who failed to draw congressional maps to favor her reelection ‘totally f***ed’ her.

Titus believes the redistricting process was fumbled by Democratic Governor Steve Sisilak and the blue Nevada legislature.

“I totally got f****** by the legislature on my district,” Titus told an AFL-CIO union hall according to the Nevada Current. “I’m sorry to say it like that, but I don’t know any other way to say it.”

In an amusing twist, Titus isn’t upset with the integrity of the redistricting process rather, she’s upset her colleagues didn’t gerrymander the districts in her favor.

Bizarrely,  Titus still smeared Republicans for redistricting in other states.

She said the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was “stunned” by the new map.

Fox News reported:

Titus also attacked Republicans as “using gerrymandering to cut out Democratic seats” and saying that the GOP “didn’t have to in this state.”

“We did it to ourselves,” Titus said, jabbing again at the Nevada Democrats.

Titus noted that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was “stunned” by the new map and that they “couldn’t believe a Democratic Legislature and governor would do this to themselves.”

Joe Weaver, the Nevada GOP Director took to Twitter to tell Rep. Titus to plan her retirement.

Nevada Dems are in disarray less than a year before the midterm election

Time to plan your retirement, @dinatitus

— Joe Weaver (@j_weavernv) December 16, 2021

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