President Trump wanted to get out of Afghanistan with dignity and grace.  Instead, Biden surrendered in the most embarrassing moment in US history.

In an interview of President Trump on Friday, Jim Hoft shared that then citizen Trump offered the services of his workers to help with the 9-11 cleanup in New York City a day or two after the horrible events.

Then Jim shared the following:

Would you ever have guessed that back in 2001 that twenty years later, after all the work that you and others have done, that our military has done, that it would be in the hands of the Taliban today, that they would be calling the shots, and that Joe Biden would arm them with some $80 billion worth of military arms?

President Trump responded:

Not even believable.  Not even possible.  No possibility and we had it in such good shape.  You know I spoke with the head of the Taliban an numerous occasions, but I spoke with, and I said, ‘we will hit you so hard’.  And even Biden admitted last week, ‘you know we haven’t lost one soldier in 18 months’.  You know that.  Not one soldier was killed or shot at because they knew the repercussions.

And we could have taken our time.  We could have gotten out, because I wanted to get out more than anybody, but I wanted to get out with dignity, with victory, with pride, not the way we got out.  It looks like total surrender.  It was a disgrace… I think it’s the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country.

People with knives beat people with the F35’s…

Joe Biden is a disgrace and should resign for his Afghan actions alone. 

The post “I Wanted to Get Out with Dignity, with Victory, with Pride, not the Way We Got Out.  It Looks Like Total Surrender.  It Was a Disgrace.” – President Trump on Biden’s Afghan Capitulation appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


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