Dr. Fauci on Monday said if China was vaccinating people, their lockdown would be okay.

People in China are protesting across the country.

The protests started when a fire broke out in a building where the citizens were trapped inside due to COVID policies in the country.

The fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the last screams of the residents who were burned to death, other residents could only stand by the window to watch, because everyone was locked at home.#TheGreatTranslationMovement pic.twitter.com/Fr1gyrpPsa

— The Great Translation Movement 大翻译运动官方推号 (@TGTM_Official) November 25, 2022

This started protests across China.

Rare nationwide protests have broken out in multiple cities in China. Many demonstrators expressed frustration over stringent Covid lockdowns, while others demanded freedom of speech and even the removal of China’s leader, Xi Jinping. https://t.co/dT6CQepqAD pic.twitter.com/fj7vSDcMQ5

— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 27, 2022

Fauci said lockdowns are okay as long as there is a “purpose.”

Dr. Fauci is dangerous.

“If the purpose is ‘let’s get all the people vaccinated, particularly the elderly,’ then okay,” Fauci said.

Lockdowns are NEVER okay.

This is why Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat, should NEVER have any power to lock down the country or impose Covid mandates.


Biden Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci on China’s draconian lockdowns: “If the purpose is ‘let’s get all the people vaccinated, particularly the elderly,’ then okay” pic.twitter.com/MMIXJJDpu0

— Brad Porcellato (@BradPorcellato) November 29, 2022

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