The Wisconsin state auditors were tasked with performing an audit of the 2020 Election in the state.  Although the audit work performed would never address all the issues and fraudulent activities that occurred in the 2020 Election due to the manner in which the audit was performed, the audit did have some notable results.

We noted already the results of the 2020 audit performed by the Wisconsin state auditors and why Speaker Vos wanted this audit because he knew it would never address the thousands of fraudulent ballots counted in the state’s election results.

Wisconsin State Auditors Complete Election Audit – Due to Sampling, Lack of Auditor Expertise, and Technological Savvy – It’s Grossly Inadequate – Exactly What Speaker Vos Wanted

However, the state auditors did the best with what they had in time and experience and did have some shocking observations in their report.  For one, they noted that nearly a million people registered to vote in the state in 2020 before the November election with most registering online.  A shocking number when considering less than 3.3 million voted in the 2020 Election.

Of those who registered in 2020, more than 45,000 of these individuals’ information did not match the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) information on the same individuals.  Another 13,800 individuals were not even matched with DOT data.  That’s nearly 60,000 cases!

Here is the report.

Wisconsin State Auditor Report of 2020 Election by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Wisconsin’s election was given to Biden with only a 20,000 vote lead.  Over 100,000 ballots for Biden only were dropped in the middle of th night in Milwaukee.  This state never should have been certified for Biden.  Speaker Vos knows it.

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