In December 2020 it was reported that some key election material was obtained at a raid at a house in Maricopa County only 2 days after the 2020 Election.  Today the owner of the house and the material seized is all forgotten.  Where did it go and where did he go?

We’ve reported on this previously.

Whatever Happened to the Hard Drives, Computers, and Flash Drives with Voter Data that Was Confiscated by the FBI in Arizona on November 5th?

Now there is more on the mysterious Elliot Kerin who fell of the face of the earth in late 2020.  The raid at the home attracted little attention since December until this was revisited by Cyber Ninjas during an audit hearing in July.

It’s notable to add that at the same time, AZ GOP Senators were fighting desperately to bring the legislature back into session after being adjourned Sine Die due to COVID19 lockdowns per Gov. Ducey.

The GOP Times wrote,

“The Arizona legislature is currently fighting to call the legislature back into special session to consider withholding their Electoral college votes, to hold a full forensic audit of Dominion voting machines, and to decertify the election results. It is interesting that this story was withheld from the public eye until now as it only adds more weight to assertions that the election in Arizona was compromised.”

AZCentral also reported that investigators were specifically searching for, “records, information and communications related to:

Login credentials and accounts.
Voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
The transfer, sharing, or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
Unauthorized access to the office’s website and computer systems.
Attempts or threats to damage computer systems.”

For some reason, Maricopa County is refusing to share this information although they have a legal duty to provide it.

The most important information on the Kerwin raid came from a citizen journalist.  He writes:

Mr. Kerwin was suspected of either executing or planning a cyberattack on .@MaricopaVote website. It is believed that these intrusions were attempted from Oct. 21 through early November. Here’s what the search warning outlines

Ctsy @azcentral

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 16, 2021

Kerwin was in Wisconsin a decade ago.

In these emails, Kerwin impersonated a former City Councilor named James Melin & a city resident Zygmund Jablonski Jr. .@iblametom of Forbes describes these emails as “bizzare,” & quotes, Jablonski saying he was concerned these emails were, trying to “put a spin on the election.”

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 16, 2021

He got into trouble.

No charges were filed as the City of Ashland considered this to be “an internal matter”

Kerwin would next operate an IT business in Mercer, Wisconsin called from 2011-19
Outside of a Yelp page, not much information is available.

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 16, 2021


In October of 2020, Ms. Kerwin begins donating to .@DNC candidates. Over a four week span, she donates $66.66 in total.
On October 21, her husband is alleged to have breached. @MaricopaVote, the very next day she donates to @JoeBiden. Coincidence? Maybe. Again, conjecture.

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 17, 2021

Some more weird behavior started in 2020.

I could draw all sorts of conclusions. Maybe Kerwin was an average joe flexing his tech muscles, maybe a die-hard #NeverTrumper doing his part, maybe he was a patsy, maybe a Fed, maybe he doesn’t even exist at all. But I’d be lying, if I told you I knew ANY of that for certain

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 17, 2021

Mr. Kerwin and his wife lived in Maricopa county in a two story residence.

I put days of research into this & this is what I know.

In the morning hours of Nov 5, 2020, AZ Federal Agents raided a two-story residence in Fountain Hills

They were executing a search warrant on the residence of Elliot Kerwin, a 56-year old IT Expert.

— Columnated Ruins (@DominofromAZ) July 17, 2021

What were on the devices that was obtained from Kerwin and where is he now? Scary stuff.

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